RANDOM LA DAY - Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

I’ve been wanting to come and visit the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust for a while now. And today I had the time and the patience to sit through LA traffic to see this amazing piece of history. Ever since HS, I’ve been a great fan of “World History” and I find the whole WWII really interesting despite all of the crazy things that happened throughout the war. And the weirdest thing is that, I’am so intrigued with the whole Holocaust history… it’s really sad and gruesome what Hitler had done… That is why it is “history” now. It reminds me to become a better human being towards others and to inspire at the same time.



LOCATION: Wisdom Tree - Los Angeles, CA

Dear Me,

Don’t you ever give up on yourself. This life is going to challenge you and knock you down, but you can never give up. When you feel like you’ve given it your all, and there’s nothing left, remember your power. You are the creator of your own reality, emotions, and destiny. Your current situation is not your final destination.

I ask these questions to myself and ask these to yourself:

  • “What if today’s my last day?”

  • “What if today’s my last week?”

  • “What am I going to contribute to this planet today? Evil things? Good things?”

Just by asking these questions to yourself it will change your whole perspective of your whole day.

Remember who you are. Keep dreaming BIG, keep fighting, keep growing, keep learning, and never give up! 


Commit yourself to your own magnificence.

There is no risk for you out here on the leading edge, ever. And when you come to understand the true nature of well-being in which you have come forth — then you can relax and begin to enjoy this magnificent adventure which is your creative life experience. We are not here to guide the specifics of that which you choose. You get to choose that, and you can’t get it wrong. We are here to assist you — only to assist you — in finding vibrational harmony with your desire; knowing that when you find vibrational harmony with your desire, you are, in this moment, an amazing being. 

Commit yourself to your own magnificence. Every time you look into a mirror, remind yourself that what stares back at you is not an every-changing body, but an invisibleness that is truly your highest self. Affirm: I’am love, I’am love, I’am worthy, I’am infinite, silently and out loud. Do this frequently so that it eventually becomes your inner mantra. This will help you abandon old patterns you’ve carried that have injured your personal relationship to the universe and all of the inherent beauty and perfection it holds. You will awaken to the incredible miracle that you are.


LOCATION: Tropical Hideaway (Adventureland) - Disneyland Resort, CA