Your brain is a computer.

Your brain is a computer.

When you first download a new operating program into a computer, it will take time to adjust as it works the bugs out. Your brain works EXACTLY the same way.

Your body is an engineered machine that runs on changeable software. Nothing about you is hard wired. Anything can be reprogrammed at any time.

For example: in the past I would say “no problem” when someone thanked me. I decided I didn’t like saying the word “problem” because saying it so often will attract problems. I decided that I would say “my pleasure” instead.

This process of reprogramming my default response from “no problem” to “my pleasure” took 1-3 months. Every time I said “no problem” I would stop myself and correct myself out loud and in my mind.

Now, 2 years later I instinctively say “my pleasure” because I programmed that as my default response.

It now comes natural to say “my pleasure” and I no longer have to correct myself because the new program is set.

This process of reprogramming can work to change anything because your brain is a computer and you are the programmer.

Take control and reprogram your brain to match the best version of yourself. Your thoughts, feelings and actions are all programable by you.