Positive Thinking Affirmations

Positive Thinking Affirmations – If we are constantly negative, we call even more problems into life, and so we are turning around in a circle. When we change thoughts and words, we open up a space for positive thinking.

List of Positive thinking Affirmations:

1. I’m turning my own ideas into actions,

2. I’m always in the right place at the right time,

3. Success loves me and always follow me,

4. I have my own reality,

5. All the wishes of my heart are realized,

6. I’m a magnet for money,

7. I always have clear and precise goals,

8. I love and accept myself,

9. I love myself more today than yesterday,

10. I love my work and I’m richly rewarded.

11. The Universe is conspiring on my behalf.

12. I’m not where I want to be but I’m willing to do the work needed to get better.

13. I am a multidimensional being of light that cannot die and do not fear death.

14. I accept my past mistakes and do not judge myself for them.

15. I have the power to create the reality I desire.

16. There is nothing that can stop me from achieving my dreams.

17. What others say and think about me is none of my business.

18. I have no room in my life for negativity.

19. I appreciate how beautiful I am as a person.

20. My body is my home and I am taking care of it.

21.  I am grateful for everything, the good and the bad because it has made me.

22. I’m making plans for who I know I’m going to become. All of this work isn’t for nothing.

23. Whats next is next. I have to take care whats in front of me first.

24. There is a bright side in every situation. I just have to be patient, breath and I’ll figure everything out.

25. Despite going through some dark times I’m going to remain optimistic because I know there will be better days for me.

26. This might feel good right now, but it isn’t good for who I want to become, so I’m going to have to pass on it.

27. I believe in believing. I know if I keep believing I will be able to bring what I want to my life.

28. It’s up to me to use the power of my mind to put my thoughts to better use.

29. No more waiting to get lucky in life. I’m going to come up with a plan to ensure that I get to where I want to be.

30. Change starts with me. I have the power to change what the world sees.

31. I am stronger than my impulsive thoughts. I am going to think this through so I don’t make a decision I regret later.

32. I’m able to be happy for people that aren’t in my life anymore when I see them doing well.

33. Even if I’m going through some difficult times, I can still be a positive force that shows love to the world.

34. I’m going to spend my time doing things I enjoy.

35. I love that I can feel myself growing and changing. as each day grows

36. The goals that I pick for myself help me want to wake up every morning to give my best.

27. I can be a kind person without letting people take advantage of me.

38. I’m going to use my time to do positive instead of wasting it on nonsense.

39.  I am the architect of my life; I build its foundation and choose its contents.

40. Today, I am brimming with energy and overflowing with joy.

41. Each moment that I put in work is another day that I get closer to accomplishing my goals.

42. I know it’s better for me to decide with a calm mind than high emotions.

43. My purpose comes from a place of compassion. I know that I’m going to find a way to help others with what I love to do.

44. I’m mindful of my future. What might be fun right now may not be beneficial for me in the future.

45. I know this is challenging but I am intelligent enough to get through this.

46. My ideas are good enough. I don’t need to seek out validation for them.

47. I love affirmations and because I love them, they work for me. That’s an affirmation, by the way.

48. I can adapt to whatever life throws at me.

49. I stay positive when negativity surrounds me. I share all positive things freely.

50. I experience peace and happiness. I know I’m a magnet for the goodness of life.


About Positive Thinking

What, in fact, means the phrase “what kind of thoughts are you, that’s your life”? Can we really, knowingly influence our thoughts, and at the same time affect our own lives?

Start the day by choosing to control your thoughts and your words. You can train your own mind. Affirmations or positive attitudes are one way. Affirmations are positive statements that describe the situation that we want to achieve. Their repetition improves life, raises confidence, brings serenity to your every day. They are efficient, simple and give quick results. They do not ask you for a special concentration, nor some great experience in the so-called. “Work on oneself”. When your subconscious accepts them, such a way of thinking will be implied. Your serenity, too.

When you formulate your affirmations, there are some basic rules that should follow:

Use “healthy” words. Do not use words like illness, sorrow, never, loneliness … A bad example is: “I cured my headache,” or: “I’m not lonely anymore.” Instead, use “healthy” words. A good example is: “My head is now completely healthy” and: “I have many friends.”

Be specific. Affirmations usually describe a segment of your life where you want to work (money, health, relationships with a partner, or something like that). Think of them more specifically.

Repeat Mode: In order for your affirmations to really have the desired effect, it’s important to talk them with full attention and lots of emotions. Enter into them the belief that they are already true, rejoice in them from the very depths of the interior of your being … Namely, if you do not believe in yourself, you will not persuade your subconscious. Then repetition of affirmations will be usually self-denial.