There are no short cuts

There are no short cuts.

Attraction and creation is a process that takes stages of growth to reach completion. When a farmer plants a field there are no short cuts that will get the crop to completion any faster or better.

You can’t expect to plant a seed today and have it grow to completion the next day. It takes time to grow through each stage of the process so it grows strong and health along its growth process.

An idea in your mind works exactly the same as a seed in the ground and take time to grow to completion. Let your idea grow naturally while you feed it and stop trying to force growth or speed up the completion date. The seed decides when it’s ready to blossom, not you.

Your time and energy are valuable to your creation so instead of thinking about a short cut every day, use your energy to support and grow your idea at a natural pace. A natural, steady pace always works better.

Let creation do its job.