Do you have faith in you?

Faith can work wonders, never let it leave your heart. Faith is the vow of the spirit to meet its dream. It is a promise to the self, that no matter what I wont give up. Man had done the exceptional whenever he shook hands with faith.

To have faith is to love. None can exist without the other. I am definitely not talking about the materialistic love or the physical one to which one refers to when we talk about the subject. The reference is to the the spiritual growth which one goes through. The individual then starts understanding the power of spirit and soul.

Then the real love emerges and with it emerges the faith on the cosmos. The oneness with everything and everyone yet the detachment with everything. At that moment the faith is so strong that it has the power to create. The right timing and right intentions help manifest the new world filled of love and harmony. It feels like God so it loves like God. Keep the faith alive.