My relationship with Ron has been probably the most amazing blessing that I have ever received in my life so far. I met Ron 5 years ago at La Palma Central Park in the city of La Palma, CA. By that time, I was only 18, still peeking out on where my life is heading. At that time I was in a two month relationship (which was really short, I know, I know) but I actually felt a lot of connections throughout that relationship. 

But any who, long story short, this "girl" which I thought I was "inlove" with broke up with me. I was devastated. I thought my whole life was over. I felt so hurt, emotions filled with anger and heart broken into pieces. Which by that time was silly because I was only 18, and also have a whole life ahead of me. Same week of my break-up I was playing basketball at the park. Back then I knew Ron, but I only know him as the "Baller Ron" and nothing else. After the game Ron and I started talking, and I told him about what was going in my life that time (my break-up) and he gave me tons of advices. In that day, he gave me a 10 day audio by one of the greatest "life empowerment" speakers of all time: Tony Robbins. And after listening to those 10 day audios, my whole life changed by the help of Ron and also from other speakers that I started listening to such as: Les Brown, Bob Proctor, and the amazing Wayne Dyer (R.I.P.)

And this is how our relationship started, and the rest is history. Ron became the best-est friend/mentor/father figure of mine. I will cherish our friendship forever. I could actually say that I actually owe my life to this guy.

So if you are reading this, believe that everything happens for a reason. Nothing on this planet is here for NO reason, there's a reason why you are on my blog reading this. That means that you and I have something in common, and that is to improve this planet of ours and contribute to others however we can. 

In Ron's words: "Before you leave this planet, make sure your life is a movie that people will want to watch." 

So don't forget to keep enjoying this beautiful journey, know that there are people out there that YOU can touch and can contribute to their lives one step at a time. 

Go check out Ron's site, he has new book coming out called: The Relationship Success Handbook (link below)




Ron Myers