Once in a lifetime experience!

Today I got to hung out w/ Mr & Mrs Claus w/ some of my co-cast members in Walt Disney's private apartment in Disneyland. This is truly probably one of the MOST coolest experience I have ever experienced working for The Walt Disney Co. 

It took one year and one day to build the original Disneyland, and during construction Walt Disney wanted a hidden little place where he could watch his vision be turned into reality. The solution? The construction crew made him a secret little apartment on the 2nd story of the Main Street Firehouse.

The apartment itself is on the cozy side with only 500 sq. ft., but it served its purpose well. With a small kitchen, bathroom, and wooden desk, it had all Walt Disney needed to create, observe, and spend time with his family in peace from within the park. The apartment has been well-preserved and restored to be almost exactly as it was when the Disney family used the space in the 1950's.