Inquoris “Inky” Johnson was born on February 12, 1986 in Atlanta, Georgia. Johnson lived with his grandparents, in Atlanta, in a small two bedroom home, with thirteen other family members. The drugs and violence of Kirkwood were always surrounding Johnson, and his family had moved five times in nine years. The tough days that Johnson saw only made him stronger, and he stuck to his roots. 

Inky Johnson was on the field in 2006 against Air Force. It was well into the game when he went for a tackle and rammed his right shoulder into the running back of the Air Force Academy, Justin Handley. Johnson was on the ground when the coach saw that his eyes were drooping, which is a sign or nerve damage. Johnson says he fell to the ground, with no senses in his body parts and he blacked out. When he opened his eyes, his teammates had hovered over him and were asking him if he was okay and if he could still play. But he couldn’t move and was left senseless. Johnson was immediately taken to the hospital, where the doctors told him they had some bad news. After many tests and MRI scans, Johnson was given the news that he had severely damaged his right arm, as the nerves were all torn. All these nerve roots control the arm and hand, and now there were none left. They told him he couldn’t play anymore, as his arm would never be the same again. They gave him some challenging surgery options, where he had to decide which body part to take the nerves from to attach to his right arm. Whichever he chose, he would be left with a weak body part along with his damaged and weak right arm. Johnson went to the doctors the next day and told them that he had decided against having the transplant. Now, he lives with a paralyzed arm. This was the end of Inky Johnson’s NFL dream on the football field, but a start of something beautiful that took courage and faith.

It’s About Not Giving Up

After the declaration that Inky Johnson was not going to play anymore, he retired from football even before he could see success. Johnson decided he needed to turn his life around, and for good. He came to realize the bigger things, like the fact that he was still alive, and still able to help others. This is when Johnson decided to become a motivational speaker. Johnson also wrote an autobiography– An Amazing Story of Faith and Perseverance, where he talks about his journey from poverty to playing and then facing dire consequences. Johnson mentors young underprivileged kids in Atlanta, by speaking about his journey and faith and the real outcome of life. Inky Johnson has many inspirational speeches and is now known for his motivational spirit. Johnson makes sure he sends text messages everyday to his team members wishing them luck and reminding them about faith and trust.